Hello, I am Anonymous.
My lies, truths, and secrets make up who I am.
One truth about me is that I'm a liar.
I can be trusted though.
Call me Starr.
I have abnormalities.
Writing is my safest cry for help.
I live on the edge of the Cliffs of Lunacy.
Believe me. If you trust me.

Your Life’s Album: The Strange Musical Explanation for a Starr


  1. Sometimes by Skillet
  2. Monster by Skillet
  3. Get Well by Icon For Hire
  4. Dear X by Disciple
  5. Buried Beneath by RED 
  6. Pain by Three Days Grace
  7. Headphones by Britt Nicole
  8. Stand in the Rain by Superchick
  9. Fighter by Manafest
  10.  Lost at Sea by NeverShoutNever
  11. Be My Escape by Relient K
  12. Stars by Switchfoot
  13. Desperate by Fireflight
  14. Who I am Hates Who’ve I’ve Been by Relient K
  15. Awakening by Switchfoot
  16. Mess of Me by Switchfoot
  17. I Get Wicked by Thousand Foot Krutch 
  18. I’m Not Alright by Sanctus Real
  19. Breathe by Superchick
  20. Fall to Pieces by Krystal Meyers
  21. Afterlife by Switchfoot
  22. When She Cries by Britt Nicole
  23. Courage by Superchick
  24. Feels So Right by Krystal Meyers
  25. Beautiful Tonight by Krystal Meyers
  26. Fight Inside by RED
  27. Breathe Into Me by RED
  28. Falling Inside the Black by Skillet
  29. Last Night by Skillet
  30. The Way I Feel by Sanctus Real
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